Finding the proper apartments for rent is a complicated process that requires plenty of time, efforts, and serious approach. There are a lot of offers on the Internet, but many of them may not suit for you by some reason: room counts, floor, a presence of various equipment, location, price, and so on. The Ukrsutki aims at the satisfaction of this demand by providing apartment owners, real estate agencies, and potential tenants with the online platform for short-term rental services.


Stakeholders of the Ukrsutki are:
  • apartment owners;
  • real estate agencies worked with short-term rent;
  • tenants.

Some Details in the Startup Canvas

What we have done

Our team created a completely new, high-performance real estate platform on the basis of an obsolete website. The Ukrsutki is powered by that provides solutions that allow real estate professionals working efficiently from the early beginning.

The project was developed by a team of 3 developers and 1 business analyst during more than 6 months.

Our team made the renovation of an obsolete website, having developed a contemporary crisp design, the intuitive user interface, and an actual mobile responsive platform. We implemented robust search, added filter attributes and improved the search results displaying.

As well, we investigated needs of the target audience, held the analysis of competitive environment and implemented a set of extra functionality: messaging between users, several notification types, registration of different user types - seekers and presenters, adding to Favorites, personal agent page with all necessary information and listings, history of viewed listings.

All these measures and features provided users with comprehensive information about rental property, including images, maps, and important stuff to accommodate. It allows them avoiding location mistakes, saving search queries, receiving relevant notifications, easy creating and managing listings and ordering the paid services for ads depiction.

Other works