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Spec and Mortar solved the lack of a unified platform for online operations with commercial real estate in the United States.


Main stakeholders of Spec and Mortar were users who sought to rent or rent out commercial real estate in the USA.

Some project details

Spec and Mortar was developed to handle the tasks of providing online services for renting commercial real estate, namely renting offices, warehouses, coworking, and various premises for business needs.

Its target audience was customers from the United States. With the help of the project, customers could post ads on renting or search a real estate for rent, create listings, order tours, and leave feedback.

Initially, the project was based on the features of our product known as devup.estate. And then, Spec and Mortar was used as the basis for other similar projects, Ukrsutki and Home Toro.

Our client says:

We are satisfied with the result of the StartuppLab.com work on the development of the Spec and Mortar, the platform for operations with the commercial real estate. The project was developed quickly, qualitatively, and the StartuppLab.com team took into account all our requirements and wishes.
With no doubts, we will contact them again if there is such a need

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