Mentor Wanted


There are many online educational platforms and many IT courses on the Internet, but their gaps are entry level and poor practical knowledge in most cases. allowed improving development skills and getting good experience with the help of professional mentors.


Stakeholders of the MentorWanted project were:
  • trainees;
  • mentors - people who have the experience to share;
  • companies which would like to improve skills of their employees.

The Value Proposition Canvas

What we have done

The project gives the possibility for people, who don’t have enough experience, to obtain practical skills as well as stimulate their learning process. This is available to do with a mentor or with a group of trainees because the group learning is always easier.

MentorWanted provides the trainees with a possibility to work on real projects. This platform was developed for two months by the team of one mentor and 7 trainees who had no or had a minimal experience. It testifies that beginners can improve their development skills in a short period, herewith achieve real results.

What trainees say about Mentor Wanted:

Roman Hamreckyi:

“This project was a great experience for me. I'm very grateful for all that experience, which was gained by me in this team. And I want to say "thank you" to all my colleagues for it. It is very important in development to use all modern methodologies and practices. It allows everyone make development process almost perfect and very interesting.”

Yevgen Kurapov

“I am very happy that I had the opportunity to work on this exciting project, which has brought me new knowledge in web programming and experience team development.”

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