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The problem is that there is no a unified, convenient online platform in the USA which would allow real estate customers to make the maximum number of operations and integrating of social networks in order to generate the maximum number of leads for brokers. To buy or sell real estate, clients have to communicate a lot with brokers, use a plenty of different systems, banks, and so on. Brokers also face the problem in the use of their social media channels ineffective. Home Toro is assigned to consolidate online real estate services as much as possible under one project and aimed to solve the above-mentioned issues with the help of its well-considered functionality.


Main stakeholders who use Home Toro are home buyers and sellers as well as real estate agents, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, title companies, moving companies in the Washington.

Home buyers and sellers can do all their actions online to get the mortgage; they can contact with mortgage brokers and look through real estate and the latest information.

Real estate agents and brokers have a possibility to post automatically the already created content under their Facebook accounts, generate more leads, and those leads, which can not be served, can be passed to another broker, and anyway bring an income for the real estate professional.

Mortgage brokers, home inspectors, contractors, title companies, moving companies can interact online with target customers via Home Toro platform.

The Value Proposition Canvas

What we have done

We have got an expertise in the development of the real estate online projects. On the basis of our product known as devup.estate, we've created several new ones. It allows us to make Home Toro project very quickly and made it convenient for interaction between stakeholders, providing a plenty of features.

Home Toro is a unique platform that ensures the simple, no-pressure way to buy and sell a home, making this process easier than ever before.

Buyers can find suitable houses very quickly because the platform is integrated with MRIS, the online real estate information service for real estate professionals in the USA, as well as it has a wide range of filters help to navigate easily through listings and to find a real estate required. Moreover, low rates of commission make the website attractive for customers, which save their time and money. Clients can schedule home tours right from smartphones or PCs.

On the other hand, agents and brokers have a possibility to increase their income with the help of the functionality for building marketing campaigns. “Marketing” section allows automatically posting the already created content on Facebook via “Quick content” or “Recommended Listings” or creating new posts. “Campaigns” feature enables scheduling Facebook posts per week in a few clicks. Live chat allows engaging clients while they search real estate and is targeted to answer promptly the queries of potential customers. Real estate professionals can easily track their client’s activity using Home Toro marketing statistic. It helps to figure out which properties clients are interested in and customize actions on the basis of preferences.

All these features make marketing on social media pretty simple and extremely effective. It allows real estate professionals attracting a much larger target audience and reaching a much more volume of sales and, as a consequence, getting more income.

As for the development process, at the early beginning, we agreed with the customer to create MVP based on the main features of the devup.estate platform. It covers the initial functionality for the stakeholders. The project was launched into the market to validate its idea and define how the project meets client's expectations.

The MVP was implemented by a dedicated development team, including QA and BA. The development process is driven by the Kanban approach, which includes daily internal meetings as well as weekly meetings with the customer. Daily internal meetings aimed at project reporting, issues, and next steps. Issues were discussed with the customer via slack. The functionality was improved on the ground of the customer's feedback. During weekly meetings with the customer, we showed the project progress, demo version, and corrected further actions and their priorities.

For today, StartuppLab.com maintains the Home Toro project, working on paperwork, facilitation of the selling process for agents, integration with other social media channels, and so on.

Our client, Mr. Grantham, says:

I'm the founder of Home Toro and I do my best to make sure that we have the best technology for all of our users. These guys from StartuppLab have done an incredibly fantastic job working in the reliable and efficient way. They developed our real estate platform timely and flawlessly. I don’t have hesitation in recommending StartuppLab to any startup, seeking development services

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